High Capabilities Telecom Co. (HICAP) is one of the first approved VSAT service providers in Saudi Arabia. The license was granted by the Saudi CITC in 2003. HICAP delivers various satellite services for Internet Access and Point-to-Multipoint links using DVB-RCS2 and SCPC satellite links from its gateway in Riyadh.


Farhan Commercial Co. (FCC) is the exclusive THURAYA Service Provider in Saudi Arabia. FCC delivers all Thuraya L-Band satellite communication services that range from satellite phones, satellite IP modems for land and marine, AVL system and many different subscriptions plans.


High Capabilities Telecom Co. (HICAP) has been awarded the “A” level contractor classifications by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in the field of Maintenance and operation of telecommunications technology.


High Capabilities Telecom Co. (HICAP) and its business partner VIASAT have been awarded the largest VSAT project in Saudi Arabia by King Abdul-aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) for its National Satellite Data Network based on the system’s ability to deliver exceptional broadband speeds and a user experience similar to some of the fastest terrestrial broadband services for most applications.


Farhan Commercial Co. (FCC) has released the latest THURAYA communication solutions which will include the THURAYA SatSleeve for iPhone, the THURAYA IP+ broadband modem and the THURAYA Marine system.


High Capabilities Telecom Co. (HICAP) has signed an agreement with TRACSTAR SYSTEMS INC. (a COBHAM SATCOM Land systems company) and now is appointed as an authorized reseller in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. HICAP and FCC are one of the main suppliers for mobile VSAT to MODA and Saudi Aramco.


High Capabilities Telecom Co. (HICAP) has been won the tender for the Supply of TETRA handheld and mobile units by the Saudi Ministry of Interior - Border Guards. HICAP will be supplying the latest TETRA products and service by SEPURA plc.


High Capabilities Telecom Co. (HICAP) has been awarded with a project to build factories by The Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON).


Farhan Commercial Co. (FCC) has received orders for the supply of VSAT & Thuraya hardware in excess of 14 Million Saudi Riyals for the year 2013.


High Capabilities Telecom Co. (HICAP) has been awarded with the Saudi Ministry of Defense NAVY VSAT project. The project is worth 90 Million Saudi Riyals and includes the supply of advanced land and marine VSAT systems, installation, commissioning and training.


Farhan Commercial Co. (FCC) will be participating in The 5th Saudi Arabia International Oil & Gas (SAOGE 2013) Exhibition in Dammam. FCC with its partners THURAYA Satellite Communication Co. and TracStar Systems Inc. will be showcasing the latest communication solutions for on the field rapid deployment and mobile satellite communication.


Satellite Communication

HiCap has been involved in satellite communications (SATCOM) projects ever since it was established in 1983. HiCap offers turnkey state-of-the-art and cost effective VSAT services/solutions to government and private entities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Our offered customer’s–tailored solutions focus on efficiency, flexibility, reliability and cost optimization, and equally important it satisfies customer’s needs and requirements. HiCap delivers commercial VSAT services to the private and public sectors over its Riyadh’s VSAT HUBs.

The service started in 2003 under license from CITC. Over 1,500 VSAT terminals were installed and operated to deliver (Point-2-Point) and (Point-2-Multipoint) VSAT communication services to many different customers. HiCap provides its clients with professional 24/7 remote monitoring and support services from Riyadh as well as from our regional offices in Jeddah and Al-Khobar.

Products and services includes:

  • Earth Stations and Facilities for IP, GSM networks and TV
  • Large SCPC and TDMA private VSAT networks
  • Military/Commercial Flyaway systems for data, VOIP, video over IP
  • Custom-made VIP vehicles with COTM capability
  • Secure VSAT networks
  • Telemedicine/Teleconference/Tele-educational VSAT systems
  • Restoral voice/data VSAT networks
  • COTP/COTM mobile VSAT systems
  • Maritime VSAT system
  • Banks ATM & Branches connectivity over satellite
  • DVB-S/S2 multicast systems for video & data
  • VSAT Internet Access
  • Space segment lease services
  • VSAT Hardware Supply and spare part
  • Satellite Based Tracking Systems

Thuraya Business Unit

The Thuraya Business Unit is the EXCLUSIVE Service Provider of THURAYA Telecommunication Co. products & services for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2002. THURAYA is a superior mobile satellite telecom system that integrates 3 technologies (Satellite, GSM & GPS) in one handset. Based on these technologies, THURAYA offers wealthy bouquet of telecom solution (Fax, Data, SMS, GPS and GmPRS) to its users. THURAYA offers dependable roaming across the globe. THURAYA coverage extends across 140 Asian, Middle Eastern, African and European countries, in addition to its coverage of most of the sea around the globe.

To date, the THURAYA B.U. has reached a subscribers base of approximately 30,000 (Individuals, Business & Government Segments) with Pre-paid & Post-paid subscription services. Some of our prominent clients are Saudi National Guards, MOI, Saudi Civil Defense, Saudi ARAMCO, SAMBA, SEC, SABIC, ARGAS, Schlumberger, United Nations and Several Foreign Embassies.

A fully dedicated team of customer service representatives provides superior customer support from the Head Office in Riyadh. For further details and assistance, customers can contact us using our Toll Free number: 800 124 7111.

The THURAYA Service Business Unit offers a wide range of products & services to its users such as:

Products and services includes:

  • Thuraya Satellite Phones, Satellite Modems & Accessories
  • Pre-Paid & Post-Paid Service for Voice & Internet Service
  • Satellite Telemetry & AVL Solutions
  • Satellite Mobile Video Transmission & Conferencing
  • Mobile Internet, GSM, Tetra, UHF solution over Thuraya

AVL Solutions

FARHAN AVL Solutions is a dedicated department for the design, installation and maintenance of Automatic Vehicle Location systems & Telemetry systems. The department delivers the service using different brands and solutions depending on the customer. The AVL & Telemetry solutions cover both GSM and Satellite communication. The department has been delivering specialized AVL services to many major customers in Saudi Arabia since 2006 such as Saudi Aramco, Saudi National Guards and the Saudi Wildlife Commission. The number of AVL units operating exceeded two thousands and being managed from the Head Office in Riyadh where customers can access the system to manage and monitor their remote systems online.

System’s Features:

  • Operate over GSM, Satellite or Both
  • Heavy duty and high reliability AVL modem
  • Can be interfaced to many external digital and analog sensors
  • Advance, Easy to use, Web based Management System
  • Monitoring using Saudi Road Maps and Google Maps
  • System can also provide Navigation & Custom applications

Civil/Structure Engineering

HiCap can provide a full-service construction and civil Engineering services. HiCap has the skills and experience to manage your project from concept to successful completion. HiCap key personnel are extensively experienced with proven backgrounds in the provision of surveying, design, infrastructure planning, construction and project management. We have attained reputation in civil-structural discipline for our track record of delivering projects with timely completion and International Quality Standards. We are proud in ourselves for relationships we have built with our clients: Saudi Telecom Company and Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon).

Products and services includes:

  • Structural Analysis & Design
  • Foundation Design Concrete Design & Analysis
  • Structural Evaluation & Bill of Quantity
  • Steel Structure Design
  • Construction Detailing & Drawings
  • Underground Structures Design
  • Underground Tanks and Overhead Tanks Design
  • Topographical & Underground Services Surveys.

Telecommunication Construction

HiCap can provide a full turn-key design and build construction and telecommunication infrastructure solution, that provide professional services for site development, civil construction, including foundations, tower infrastructure and antennas, and alternative energy solutions.

HiCap one-stop-shop offers a single point of communication ensuring meeting all customer requests on time and within budgets.

HiCap has deployed over 500 cellular site all over Saudi Arabia for both Saudi Telecom Company and Mobily.

Products and services includes:

  • Site clearing and leveling
  • Site acquisition & audit
  • Excavations &Earthworks
  • Site/Tower grounding
  • Cell tower construction and erection
  • Supply and installation of fully equipped shelters delivering electricity, air conditioning and security protection
  • Supply and commissioning of generators (prime /standby)
  • Site fencing and protection

Fixed & Mobile Telecommunication Services

HiCap has in-depth experience to provide engineering services for setting up telecom networks across a wide range of business sectors whose needs for wireless solutions differ with location and required applications.

As part of our commitment to provide you with best services, we have developed a highly defined implementation procedure, for information gathering techniques and our detailed site surveys. This survey takes account of existing functionality and the likely need for future upgrades or increases in capacity or functionality.

Our services cover the entire scope of the project; from understanding the customer communication requirements to designing, installing, commissioning, optimizing and maintaining the network and equipment. Our turnkey solutions offer customer the choice from one or more of our services to meet the communication requirements

Our telecom solutions fall across technologies like GSM/CDMA/MMDS/TETRA/ SDH/PDH/Wimax /Digital and IP telephony.

Product & Services offered:

  • Site survey
  • technology platform decisions
  • coverage required/ signal level
  • link budget
  • environmental corrections
  • Site implementation
  • Site integration
  • Site acceptance test

AC/DC Power Systems

At HiCap , a team of experts are on hand to deliver a full range of electrical needs and services providing flexible solutions for:

  • Electrical Implementation
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Customized electrical modifications
  • Telecom and data wiring
  • AC/DC Power Equipment Supply

As part of our turnkey services, HiCap offers additional components to cell site, Data Centers and Telephone Exchanges.

By using high quality and state-of-the-art products, HiCap provides advanced customized solutions for both AC & DC. The range of the products that HiCap provides include: generators, rectifiers, batteries, controllers, inverters, distribution panels & racking systems for outside plant. These products are designed and built by European/US firms to withstand harsh environment for Commercial, Industrial and Military applications.

Services includes:

  • Generators
  • Local utility connection
  • Automatic Transfer system with different sizes
  • Backup systems (AC &DC)
  • DC equipment (Rectifier, Batteries, Control panel, DC Distribution panel)
  • Electrical distribution boards
  • Control facilities

Services includes:

  • Switch mode Inverters with Static By-Pass and Manual
  • Static transfer Switches
  • Power stations with back-up battery output current from 6A to 16,200A parallel systems
  • UPS ( Line Interactive ) from 500 W to 500KVA
  • UPS (On Line ) from 500 W to 500kVA
  • Batteries 2V;6V;12V AGM, FLOODED and GEL up to 3000Ah
  • Rectifier modules range : 6A; 8A; 15A; 30A; 50A; 100A , 300A
  • Distribution Boards designed for Customer’s requirements

Solar Power Systems

HiCap’s involvement in Solar Power Plants, dated back to the early 80’s where we worked jointly with TRT of France to implement the first Rural Telephony Project (SRS) that provided telecommunication services to hundreds of villages in the rural areas of the Kingdom.

HiCap has teamed up recently with one of the leading manufacturers of Solar Power Plants and Industrial Batteries and can thus make these products available to potential customers.

HiCap is an all-in-one service provider, that provide a clean energy. Our engineers specify every elements of the solar generation system from modules and inverters to details. They will custom design your solar system based on the projected electrical needs

Products and services includes:

  • Supply and System sizing and design
  • Equipment recommendations and selection
  • Construction documents
  • Project management
  • Commissioning services

Fire Fighting and Detection Systems

HiCap provide a comprehensive, reliable and authenticated fire protection solutions and services. HiCap expertise include: supplying, designing, installing, maintaining and upgrading fire protection systems .

Our team can survey your entire facility and provide you with a complete fire protection solution, from detection and suppression systems to fire fighting equipment.

HiCap ensures that all the components of the design and implementation of the fire protection system meets the highest safety and regulatory standards.

Products and services includes:

  • Site study & Design
  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Commissioning/Hand-over

Heat Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC)

We specialize in Detail Design Engineering services for buildings and shelters in the field of Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems duly compliant with applicable National & International Codes & Standards.

We possess a large pool of specialist who pay attention to details, professionalism and job knowledge.

Products and services includes:

  • Identify client requirements
  • Gather information about site
  • Agree parameters and brief
  • Analyze building and calculate main loads ( heating and cooling and ventilation requirements)
  • Consider alternative HVAC system design solutions
  • Assess option against cost, comfort, control & convenience
  • Select the final design
  • Supply, Size and select equipment ( Chiller, Pumps, etc)